Stealth on Steroids: Meet Israel’s F-35I Adir

F-35I Adir—or “Mighty Ones”—will be the only F-35 variant to enter service heavily tailored to a foreign country’s specifications.

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Operation Good Neighbor

The war in Syria was sparked in March 2011 and quickly spiraled into a humanitarian crisis. In February of 2013, the first wounded Syrian came to the border asking for help and was then treated by the IDF.

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IDF Campus in the Negev

In 2012 it was decided to move IDF training bases to the south, with the help of our special members. The mission was completed in 2017 and seven new bases of the various brigades began [...]

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Inside the IDF: October 2017

Let's look at some of the things that happened in the IDF in October 2017. The completion of the officers' course by about 410 combat officers, a new cutting edge technology, new Medical Simulation, Basic volunteer training, [...]

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Col. David (Mickey) Marcus

The tall colonel with blue eyes wearing an American coat felt his way across the base covered in darkness. Suddenly a voice was heard in the darkness: “Who is that?” It asked in Hebrew. “Stop [...]

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  • Ari Weiss. Photo by Estee Kreisman

Michael Levin z”l

Beyond the physical and mental strain of military service, lone soldiers in the IDF face further difficulties in their everyday lives. Regular soldiers travel home for a weekend away from base knowing that their loving [...]

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Intifada – Ari Yehoshua Weiss, z”l

Ari Yehoshua Weiss moved to Israel with his family from Dallas, Texas in 1992 when he was 12 years old. He attended the Noam Yeshiva High School in Pardes Hanna, where he earned a positive [...]

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IDF Units

Regional Commands:     Central Command     Home Front Command     Northern Command     Southern Command Arms:     Ground Arm         Infantry and Paratrooper Corps             Golani Brigade             Givati Brigade             Paratroopers’ Brigade             Kfir Brigade             Nahal Brigade         Armored Corps         Engineering Corps         Artillery Corps         Field [...]

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Tzav Rishon

What to expect from the enlistment interview The Tzav Rishon is a soldier’s first order. The tzav arrives in the mail, with the address of the recruitment center at which the enlistee must present himself [...]

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How to Prepare for IDF Service

Following the Tzav Rishon, each enlistee receives a “Tzav Giyus” in the mail, detailing the exact date, time he is to report for his induction, and address of the base where he will begin his [...]

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What to expect the first day of enlistment and processing On the date written in the Tzav Giyus, enlistees from all over the country report to various locations and are taken by bus to the [...]

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Learning the Lingo of the IDF

Pazatzta: Hebrew acronym of the words “Fall, Crawl, Look, Aim & Fire”, actions a soldier must take during battle – refers to the swift motion of going from standing to lying face down on the [...]

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To support this effort, please send your donation to: Shinui Kivun P.O.B 18012 Jerusalem 91180 Israel For a tax-deductible donation please send a check to: Central Fund of Israel c/o Marcus Brothers Textiles 980 6th [...]

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Site Map

About Donation Site Map Contact us Who are we? Go Combat Friendship Split Second Decisions Go IDF IDF Units Battle Heritage Col. David (Mickey) Marcus Michael Levin z”l Intifada – Ari Yehoshua Weiss, z”l Roi [...]

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Contact us

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Who are we?

The Pazazta website is a civilian website launched by Shinui Kivun (Registered Association No. 580483246) to encourage youth to enlist for combat service in the IDF. The association's goal is to promote combat service in [...]

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Roi Klein z”l

The olive grove was covered in injured soldiers as the Deputy Battalion Commander began arranging for their evacuation. Four soldiers bent under the open stretcher when suddenly the sound of a grenade landing nearby was [...]

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Avigdor Kahalani

Avigdor Kahalani advanced as a career officer in the IDF to the rank of Brigadier General (the third highest in the entire army).  His experiences as a combat soldier in both the Six-Day War and [...]

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Second Lebanon War

For a long period of time, we were used to hearing Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of Hezbollah likening our strength to that of a spider web’s thread, belittling about our weakness, and claiming that [...]

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1982 Lebanon War

There are familiar situations that repeat themselves over and over. 20-30 years before Qassam rockets were being launched at Sderot, Katyusha rockets were launched at towns in the north of Israel. In the early 1980s, [...]

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Yom kippur War

Yom Kippur morning. Synagogues are full of people praying, and quiet and tranquility blanket the entire country. These are precious moments of personal inner reflection, and yearnings for a good new year fill everyone’s hearts. [...]

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Six-Day war

If you were to ask an Egyptian, Jordanian or Syrian youth what he knows about the Six- Day War, he would give you a blank stare. The Arab countries simply had to give this war [...]

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Sinai Campaign

The Six-Day War holds a special place in our memories as an extremely quick victory, but it was not the only war that ended shortly after it began; more than a decade earlier, a war [...]

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War of Independence

Before the declaration of statehood, David Ben Gurion asked the then Chief of Staff Yaakov Duri, “If war breaks out, what are the chances that we would win?” The answer he got from the Chief [...]

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Declaration of Statehood

Would you have voted in favor of the establishment of the State of Israel? Imagine: You are sitting in a meeting of the Provisional State Council; around you the leaders of the Jewish public in [...]

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“Allah is the purpose [of the organization], Mohammed is our role model, the Koran is our constitution, Holy Way is our war, and dying for the sake of Allah is his supreme desire” (Chapter 8 [...]

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Al Qaeda

Side-view mirrors on cars often caution: “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.” Sometimes we are able to assess the distance between ourselves and other objects. We need to worry about the movement [...]

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What motivates Hezbollah to invest so much effort into smuggling large amounts of Marijuana into Israel? Why does the organization arm itself at a dizzying speed, especially with long-range missiles capable of reaching the Israeli [...]

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Syria is the world’s largest producer of biological and chemical weapons. There are about twenty mustard gas and Sarin factories scattered all over Syria, as well as a VX gas (characterized as the most dangerous [...]

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We are surrounded by friends and acquaintances but there are situations that ensure friendships will stand the test of time. We need to ask ourselves: Who will be by my side if I'm ever in [...]

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Split Second Decisions

Being a combat soldier in the IDF means feeling the excitement of stretching yourself to your physical limits, hearing your heart pound, and reaching heights you never dreamed of before. Some people simply live for [...]

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  • Waze

Always the First

Israel on the cutting edge of technology The first USB Flash Drive was developed in Israel. Microsoft Israel developed most of the Windows XP operating system. An Israeli company invented the world’s first “messaging” program [...]

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  • אילן רמון

Pride in the State of Israel

I am proud of Israel’s independence, even though I wasn’t yet born when the state was established. I am proud of Israel's victories in war, even though I wasn’t there fighting beside the soldiers. I [...]

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  • דגל ישראל (תמונה: יח''צ, שימוש הוגן)

National Survival

What haven’t the Jewish people survived! Pogroms, Inquisitions, Crusades, expulsions, the Holocaust… Israel has survived everything, and has established one of the most successful and thriving countries in the world. Mighty kingdoms throughout history collapsed, [...]

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  • (תמונה: דובר צה''ל)

“You will be Proud, Grandpa”

In my dream, I brought my great-grandfather straight from Poland to an IDF base. He entered the front gate; a soldier told him to show some identification. My great grandfather, trembling with excitement, revealed the [...]

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