Regional Commands:
    Central Command
    Home Front Command
    Northern Command
    Southern Command

    Ground Arm
        Infantry and Paratrooper Corps
            Golani Brigade
            Givati Brigade
            Paratroopers’ Brigade
            Kfir Brigade
            Nahal Brigade
        Armored Corps
        Engineering Corps
        Artillery Corps
        Field Intelligence Corps
    Air and Space Arm
        Israeli Air Force
    Sea Arm
        Israeli Naval Corps

Other Bodies:
    Military Academies:
        Tactical Command College
        Command and Staff College
        National Security College
    Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories
    Military Advocate General
    Military Court of Appeals
    Financial Advisor to the Chief of Staff
    Military Secretary to the Prime Minister

Civilian Bodies:
    Director General of the Ministry of Defense
    Defense Establishment Comptroller Unit
    Administration for the Development of Weapons and the Technological Industry

    General Staff
        Planning Directorate
        Operations Directorate
            IDF Spokesperson
        Intelligence Directorate
            Intelligence Corps
            Military Censor
        Human Resources Directorate
            Military Police Corps
            Education and Youth Corps
            Adjutant Corps
            General Corps
            Military Rabbinate
            Advisor on Women’s Affairs
            Chief Reserves Officer
        Computer Service Directorate
            C41 Corps
        Technological and Logistics Directorate
            Ordinance Corps
            Logistics Corps
            Medical Corps

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