(תמונה: דובר צה''ל)

It keeps us and allowing our presence here and every place in the world. How the IDF succeed being the best army and to win every single time?

Israel Wars

הנפת דגל הדיו באילת (תמונה: מיכה פרי, לשכת העיתונות הממשלתית, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

The many wars in the 60 year’s since Israel’s establishment have left their mark on the IDF. Each war was another chapter in the molding of the IDF and Israeli society.

Battle Heritage

הצנחנים בכותל (תמונה: דוד רובינגר, לשכת העיתונות הממשלתית)

Much more than stories of heroism or dry details of history. These stories are alive with the unique spirit of IDF values, of soldiers in their greatest moments.

IDF Units

All you ever wanted to know about the different IDF units, but did not know how to ask.